What To Do When Overwhelmed!

Do you ever get overwhelmed at what is happening in the world today? We turn on our computers, read the headlines, read the posts, read the opinions, listen to the “news” to find that there is too much hate, too much killing, too many going hungry, too many being trafficked, too many without fathers, too much…well too much bad news!

I don’t know for everyone else but at times it makes me want to throw my hands in the air, complain to God that He made a terrible mistake and then I either want to run away or eat a large bowl of ice cream…or eat the ice cream then run away. It is…well…just too much.

I was watching a most disturbing video of students being shot and I was thinking and praying…’God, what would you have us do? You call us to love our enemies and pray for those persecute us…I can’t do that right now…I just can’t…my heart wants to follow You but I see this and I cannot think of a response.’

And what came to me is to do what we can do….

Jesus was really clear with some things…He wanted us to feed those who were hungry…but remember that He also said that “blessed is he/she that hungers and thirsts for righteousness” so we understand that being hungry doesn’t always mean just food. In the parable of the sheep and goats, He gives us a glimpse of how important doing is…even giving a glass of water.

So what does all of this mean? To me it means that while we grieve the pain in this world, and all that isn’t right, and remember that this isn’t heaven, we also have something that we can do. We can get serious about these things that Jesus talked about.

We can help with our time, with our brains, with our money, with our stuff…we can do a lot of things.

In the next week or two, I’ll be highlighting several things that are happening both local and global that need help…that will make a direct difference in the life of someone. Please read, please share, and please respond.

Have a blessed weekend!