2014 WonGen News Update!

2014 is already starting as an amazing year for WonGeneration. The past two months of 2013 opened up such incredible potential and possibility and it seems that God is opening doors and smoothing paths as we move forward on several fronts.

At times our story seems a bit confusing. The question, “what does WonGeneration do?” will always be an interesting question to answer. It used to be a very difficult question, even for my board of directors, to come up with ways of describing who we are. The “elevator talk” that many business marketing seminars teach left many a challenge that just couldn’t work unless the building was 110 stories tall and the elevator ride was the full thing! For me, I was leaning on Paul’s admonition, “I will be all things to all men that some might be saved.” We seek to come alongside of those who feel called by God to accomplish something in their community, local or global, to meet the work and word of the Gospel.

Or, perhaps a better way to describe us, is to ask the question, “if you could wave a wand and do something for your community (local or global) that would assist people, what would it be?” This first exercise in listening to God’s leading is our jumping on point. If you feel called to serve a certain population of people….say seniors….are there organizations already doing this? Can you join up? What keeps you from this? Do you need encouragement? We can do that! Do you need resources? We can help direct you. Do you need accountability? Etc. Or if there is no other group doing what you feel called to do, we can help start something.

There is much more but I want to move on towards where we are going in 2014.

This year it is our expectations to have projects or ministries on three continents and it has been entirely God’s doing. He has led people and organizations toward us and created strategic alliances that allow WonGeneration to truly be a spiritual catalyst. He is leading us toward the funding which in turn is helping us to start specific programs like WonGen Central that make a difference in our communities and most importantly, produce hope for so many people and create incredible opportunity for the Gospel to be lived out and preached. There will be many opportunities locally for people to serve and in turn, recognize what God is doing in people’s lives and even more so what He wants to do in OUR lives! There are now expanded opportunities for serving in areas not so local….such as Chiang Mai, Mae Lota, Ban Wat Chan, or Maehungson Thailand. Or perhaps going to Uganda to help coach soccer, love kids, and share the Gospel is something that God places on your heart. And for 2014 WonGeneration will be working with an international missions group (to be shortly announced) facilitate people going in numerous countries to get an opportunity to see what God is calling them towards.

At the very same time, even as we grow out in geographic regions, we are growing out in local communities too! We are looking to expand feeding programs for this coming year, launch WonGen Central Community Services, and lay the foundation for Room At Our Table. We expect to work with several groups and churches helping them to take their congregations and members and unleash them on their communities with new ways to love, serve, and connect with the intent to lead others towards our Lord and Saviour! It is our hope that hearts are changed and softened and that community becomes a safer, healthier, better place overall. We expect to continue ministries that directly care for the displaced in our communities such as Common Thread, Spirit’s Fire, and Town Outreach serve.

So to those of you who have been praying and supporting this ministry, a huge THANK YOU is in order because I believe your prayers are being answered. To you who are new to the WonGeneration family, welcome and buckle up because I believe God has a wild ride ahead for us and it will be fun, challenging, and alive!


Len Bundy, President WonGeneration.org