WonGeneration was founded after an international trip to Thailand, originally a vacation – turned something else. During their trip, the group of friends that were traveling together had the opportunity to meet several different people doing very different things but they were all serving the same God. During a five day period, the group was introduced to five different people who were called to serve God and to make a huge difference in their communities but without any organization or funding behind them. Some were going behind enemy lines to serve refugee populations, others were starting homes for children to be able to attend school and avoid getting caught up in sex or drug trafficking, others sold off their possessions to open a ministry to serve college students, etc. When the group returned to the United States, they found themselves asking the question, “If the same God is at work calling people to serve their community here as He is elsewhere, why don’t we see more of these types of ministries in the US?”

‘The Challenges’

What they found had to do with a few stumbling blocks. The first, the challenges involved in obtaining a legal 501(c)(3) status. The second, often times the focus of these passions are regrettably put to the side while the primary focus becomes about the local church and its own sustainability. The third, there is often a distinct lack of encouragement. Many people have some great ideas and drive but no one is continuing to encourage them. In turn, when they come up against obstacles, they can not sustain their efforts.

‘The Vision’

In September of 2009, WonGeneration was founded to become a 501(c)(3) so other ministry leaders could concentrate on their calling rather than having to focus on running a corporation. We determined ourselves to “be all things to all people that some might be saved” and that we would be concentrating on fulfilling the work and word of the Gospel by making sure ministries were involved in doing something for the community, local or global. Whether it is focusing on feeding those who are hungry, providing clothing to those who are in need, rescuing sex trafficking victims, or caring for widows, orphans, and those that are disenfranchised; WonGeneration finds itself with several ministries supplying these needs across a global community.