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Welcome to WonGeneration

Facilitating others in their desire to serve.


WonGeneration is a not-for-profit organization with a vision that spans the globe; aiming to discover gifts, generate passion, and meet the needs of individuals and their missions. Our unique vision supports ministries around the world, each with diverse goals and objectives.


We exist to help people discover their passions and transform those passions into plans. Our support services provide non-profit status, consultation, marketing and structures for success.





WonGeneration and the Church

Empowering the Church.


We work with local churches to empower them in their efforts to live out the great commission and to raise up disciples around the world. Check out the video below, one small way in which we have worked with a local church.




2016 Highlights




Families served 

Meals served to under privileged children

Women rescued from the sex trade 

Hours of free counseling 






Our Process


When discussing what WonGeneration does, we often ask the question, “If you could do one thing in your community (local or global) to make a positive impact or change, what would you do?”.


Is there a ministry or organization already doing what was described in the answer to the previous question, and if so, can we help you get connected?  We are not looking to reinvent the wheel but rather support the Kingdom. If a solid organization is meeting the needs you are looking to fulfill, it may make sense to align yourself with them or join their group. If not, then perhaps it is time to start a new ministry (under WonGeneration).


Coming out of the ‘Connection’ phase is a realization of a vision. As each vision is unique to the individual person and ministry, the ‘next steps’ will look a little different for each ministry. These steps allow time to see if there is a “fit” between WonGeneration and the potential new ministry. We ask that both entities spend some time in prayer. We want the ministry leaders to know that what God has placed on their heart is important and that they don’t have to have all of the answers. They have to be willing to work in the direction that God leads. In addition, this phase also determines what role and participation (if any) WonGeneration will take in the new ministry. This level varies depending on the discretion of the ministry leader(s). WonGeneration’s involvement is determined by the desire of the ministry. It is not the role or goal of WonGeneration to manage or micromanage a ministry. But rather, come alongside the ministry.


We ask the ministry leader(s) to write to WonGeneration with more information regarding the goals, objectives, methods, and history of the ministry. To make sure the new ministry is in keeping with the direction of WonGeneration, the information goes to the WonGeneration Board of Directors, who analyze and discuss the ministry in great detail. They may ask for the ministry leader to attend a meeting with the Board so there can be some additional discussion before a vote is made by the Board to integrate the new ministry with WonGeneration.


We want to be an encouragement to this new ministry by being a part of the team as needed. Whether it is helping with ideas, strategy, materials development, website development, business cards, logos, fundraising ideas, or developing the “story” of the ministry. We want to help overcome any challenges these ministries may face. Ministries have further encouragement knowing that there is a family (or network) of ministries with locations on multiple continents that are praying for them and ready to help/support them as situations arise.




How Can I Help?



  • Donate

    One of the easiest ways to help is by financially donating to WonGeneration. We set out to see that every dollar is maximized to its full potential. All donations are tax deductible.

  • Volunteer

    Whether it is with an internal ministry or through an external partner, we are constantly encountering volunteer opportunities.

  • Gifts-In-Kind

    WonGeneration is always on the constant lookout for Gifts-In-Kind. Ranging from chairs to clothing and from food to cars.




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It is with great with joy I write that a life has been saved due directly to your generosity. Your pledges for the first semester of college for a young woman is allowing us to move her from her father before he can sell her. And she is choosing to live and go to school rather than end her life! I pray Jesus is smiling, I know I am! Thank you doesn't do enough but it is the only words I have. We will bring up next semester with at least a month to fundraise so if you are thinking of contributing, your dollars will still be needed. This is the first payment of $400 only, $1200 to go! ...

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This post may be a bit long…please read, it is truly a matter of life and death.

We lose sight in this country what it truly means to be a second class citizen as in having no real rights. A father in the USA cannot sell or “marry off for a fee” his daughter. A daughter here has places to go, people who care, organizations to defend her…this isn’t always the case. I received this word from our director of WonGeneration Africa:

"We are having an emergency from one of our ministries in Africa (we shall not disclose the names because those involved are also using Facebook). This young girl is living with an unbelieving father who is forcing her into marriage at a young age (16), against her will and rights...the law in this country is so weak to handle the issue. Her life is in danger because since she doesn't want this, we fear she can make a wrong decision, but we have a solution if you stand with us...if we can take her to college as her dream is, she will be away from home and our ministry leaders in this country will take charge of her for the next 2 years of college and by then she will be a mature lady ready to make her decisions. Can you please help us in her education? She has to pay $400 per semester; making it 4 semesters in 2 years and her school starts at the end of this month."

In this case, covering college for 2 years will keep this young woman away from her father until she is legally able to decide for herself her outcome. We are told she will kill herself rather than have her father sell/marry her off in this manner. We are seeking to raise the first semester before the end of the month and I have a pledge of the first $100…the total for the two years is $1600 and we can pay this semester at a time.

Will some of you take this on? Once we have her away and secure, we will communicate with those who are willing to help and give more information as to her name and whereabouts so we can encourage her in her journey.

Right now she is reaching out and trusting God will provide a way.

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A great weekend for sure and a HUGE thanks to all who helped out, who donated, and who purchased items! We give thanks to God for using the event to bring some people together, to meet some very unique and special needs, and to help people make crucial connections! An absolute blessing! ...

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This is one cool parking lot sale you've got rocking. 😉 ...

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From part of our family of ministries! ...

We're so happy and glad as Kick it soccer academy to have Andrew represent us at the national level (not the first). He becomes the youngest from our academy to represent us. To all of you who support us in any way you can...the results are visible, continue the good work...we promise more players will do even better. Long live kick it...the home of a strong soccer foundation

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