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Together we can make a difference! WonGeneration is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of an ever expanding group of men and women willing to devote their time, talents, resources, and skills, to further the Word and works of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by connecting with one another, seeking to fulfill the needs of the community, both local and global, one person at a time. WonGeneration seeks to help individuals as they interpret and clarify their gifts, and facilitate their use of these gifts to positively impact their community.

Your donations and support help make this mission possible. Because of you, people are being empowered, allowing lives and communities to be changed for generations to come.

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Ban Wat Chan Children's Home

Life Arts

Zion Cafe & Hostel

Burkina Faso Findawende

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WonGeneration Food Drive

Heavenly Goals (Uganda)

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