Organization & Financial Transparency

What does it mean to claim transparency and why does it matter?

When WonGeneration and the ministries that are a part of our ministry family view transparency, we see three core values that build towards a definition: Visibility, Intentionality, and Generosity. It is our goal to: 1) Demonstrate these values within the core mission of WonGeneration, and 2) Coach our ministry leaders to follow these values within each individual ministry. Without constant practice of these values, we don’t believe our supporters can hold us accountable to the mission of the organization as well as serving the Kingdom of God.

We invite our supporters to contact us if you have any further questions or recommendations:

Ministry Overhead Percentages

The following percentages are redirected from ministry donations to support the core operations & mission of WonGeneration:

  • US Domestic Ministries: 10%
  • Foreign Ministries: 6%


The foundation to transparency starts by not allowing any walls to be built between donors and the operations of an organization. We want all of our donors and prospective donors to feel comfortable with the visibility that they have into our operations.


WonGeneration recognizes that every dollar matters, whether it is intended for clean water in Africa or for construction supplies that are used for a hands-on training program that teaches basic construction skills to individuals. It is our intention to keep all overhead percentages that are taken out of direct ministry donations as low as possible. With this in mind, we seek separate funding for core operational costs via separate fundraisers and donations.


One of the most important responsibilities an organization/ministry can have when they are following their mission is to practice healthy financial habits within their own mission as well as showing generosity towards other benevolence causes in their community. With our mentoring practices, we ask our ministry leaders to actively practice these principles.


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