Kick It – An Integral Part of Heavenly Goals Ministries

For the past 10 months, we have been slowly talking about Heavenly Goals Ministries and the vision that has been given to Derek Stanton who directs this program. Derek’s story is far longer than I can go into here but he began as what he refers to as “a soccer hooligan” and was confronted by the Spirit in his early 40’s and is now walking in a whole new direction! He began using his skills (remember everyone can do something) as a soccer coach (he has his A-License which is a huge deal!) and traveling into East African nations and coaching in villages and then giving a message (yes he can preach too!) and seeing many kids give their lives to Jesus! His heart was broken for these kids and God was at work.

While he was there coaching, he met Alex Kalema. Alex was watching/helping/following Derek around as these mini clinics were being held and after three days told Derek, “I want to do what you’re doing!” When Derek left Uganda, he left behind a slew of coaching equipment, balls, wazzies, pennies, cones….and most of his heart.  And the “Kick It” program was born.

Over the next decade plus, Derek would come back to Uganda, coach along with Alex, preach with Alex translating at times, and, especially during a 2 month time frame during 2010, thousands of kids not only improved their game of football (soccer) but thousands gave their lives to Jesus as well!

So bringing this up to speed now….

Heavenly Goals Ministries is building programs in Uganda which includes the expansion of Kick It, and the development of Trinity Fields Soccer Complex. Alex is now our director of Heavenly Goals Ministries Uganda and I could not be more excited about a ministry coworker! I had the good fortune of spending 11 days with Alex and his lovely wife Violet (and his son Elijah). Both Alex and Violet are at work in others lives providing transformational input! I watched as each evening, several youth would come by the house to see Alex, talk, get some input/counsel/encouragement.  Violet, along with preparing for the birth of their second child, also teaches English to those adults who didn’t attend school or didn’t graduate.

Along with that, I met the team that Alex has brought around himself as he has been working on Kick It. Some wonderful men of God who have tremendous hearts for the youth of Uganda! I absolutely loved meeting them and getting a sense of their hearts for this ministry!

There will be more about this incredible ministry and opportunities because Kick It will also be coming to Washington State! Keep your eyes on these pages…more to come!