Today, You Can Sponsor a Child!

Yesterday, our ‘Thought For the Day’ included all kinds of things that didn’t cost a cent! Today, I’m going to ask you consider doing something that will cost.

Today I would like you to consider sponsoring a child. I need to add here that we are new at this portion of our ministry. We don’t have a slick website like some others (my website guy tells me that it will cost $6000 to create a page like some of those that are out there to make it look cool and easy to “pick a child” so we don’t have that…at least not yet.

No, what we have is a beginning…we have three (3) children’s homes in need of people willing to sponsor children but please keep reading and allow me to explain what we are trying to accomplish.

Last year, one of the high school students in The House of the Risen Son was removed from the home by her parents and “married” off to a 52 year old man. She was 15. This is hard for me even to type at this moment but I need to push on and I need to tell the process that came from this.

We are wanting to prevent this from happening in the future…but we realize that there is a lot going on in this situation. The parents believed they were doing what was best for their daughter and for their family. We are trying to meet these Buddhist parents where they are and bring a different message. A message of a God who loves them and loves their daughter passionately. But we can’t earn a right to tell our story unless we have a better offer than what “marrying her daughter” does. We think we have a better story now.

We are working to get children sponsored and in the process, taking a portion of each month’s sponsorship payment and putting it aside into an account to accrue toward college/vocational training. Then when their children get to place where they are completing high school, there will be money for them to take the entrance exams and to attend. We are working toward creating a “college home’ for these students in a city that has college and vocational training so that when they come of age, instead of being married off (or worse), we can present an option that sounds like “Hey, how about if your daughter goes to school, gets a job that can support her and help support the family?”

We think it will work and we have tested the idea in Thailand…now the question, is do YOU think it will work. We will know if people are willing to sponsor.

Soon we will have lists of names/information on a group of kids that are at the homes but for right now, for today, it would be great to have some people step up and say “I believe it will work and I’m willing to sponsor!” Okay, so now you are asking “how much?” That is a great question and we are working at what does that exactly look like. We know that other organizations that have been doing child sponsorships for a long time have a set monthly rate but we don’t know if that is the best way to go…we are wondering if we should make about what people can afford and what they are willing to spend toward a child. I will also tell you that for foreign mission, WonGeneration’s overhead out of donations is 4%. So for every dollar donated, $ .96 goes directly to the children’s home. On top of that, we monitor the purchases for the homes so that we know what the monies are being used for (in fact I’m am often the one doing the shopping and deliverying!)

So I’m asking, would you consider going to the donate page, and setting up a monthly donation for whatever amount you feel you can afford and you can choose to pick one of the three homes, The House of the Risen Son (high school), Fountain of Hope, or Peace Home. Within the next month, we will connect you with a child (or if you want to remain anonymous let us know) so that you can write letters and communicate…we think that would be great! We even would love to have a time where you get to meet or perhaps we do this by electronic media, but to let a child know that someone cares about them here is a fantastic gift!

So thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for sharing this with as many others as you can. And a great big thank you to those who are willing to help us help kids by sponsoring today!