What Can You Do Today?

As a follow up to our often repeated theme “everyone can do something” we are offering up a few things that are pretty simple to do today…

Pray: Pray specifically for at least one person today that you normally don’t pray for. Take just a moment and ask the Spirit to reveal to you someone that needs your prayers…and then pray for them! When you are done, post a quick note on our facebook page that just says “prayed!” and that also will encourage others to pray.

Write: Write a quick note of encouragement to someone. It could be as little as a text, an email, a postcard, or a letter. Something that says “Thinking of you!” alone is a great encouragement. If you feel so led, a blurb about things you appreciate them for, or ways they are unique and special would also go a long way in brightening someone’s day.

An invitation: Invite someone to coffee, or lunch, or dinner, or a movie on tv or something. If there is someone you know who doesn’t get out much…even better! If you have the time, a walk through an art gallery is cheap entertainment…and guys, maybe the person you need to invite out is your wife!

Play: If you have children, play a game with them…cards, coloring, board game, “hot lava” (and yes, walk on your couch!)

Gift: Sometimes a gift is awesome but it doesn’t even have to be in the flesh…if you send someone a picture of a flower along with a note that says “thinking of you and the beauty God has given you!” will bring a moment of encouragement.

Perhaps, you can do all of these things today! And we would love to hear that too!