Rest, Replenish, and Reach Out!

Thank God It’s Friday

TGIF for short…are there too many other more popular phrases?

And today I am VERY thankful that it is Friday. Normally I am heading down to BCS in Portland to pick up supplies for WonGen Central Community Services. But this has been a very, very, very long week. Full of 21-23 hour work days and I am dragging so my loving wife has convinced me to not to make that drive today.

So I’m thankful!

I’m thankful that somebody cares about me. Sorry if that sounds a bit self-centered but it is a good feeling to know someone is interested in my health (Lord knows I’m not good at that!)

I’m also thankful that God has seen fit to give as much to do! Between projects, ministry, jobs, driving, kids, and…well…life…it has been very full but very rewarding.

I’m thankful for a weekend “mostly off” where I can get out of town for a couple of nights and unplug. A time just sit and let the Spirit breath life back into me…

And I’m thankful for the Spirit within me! I’m thankful for others who journey alongside and seek to serve their communities and how this same Spirit connects us to where they feel like family!

And as we are approaching Easter and a reminder of what God has done for us, I am thankful…I am thankful that I am not the person that I was so many years ago…and I’m thankful for the person that I will become (Lord willing) in the coming years.

I’m thankful for every challenge that has been laid in my path because it has given me an opportunity to see how I deal with the process of God making me more like His Son. From facing great loss, to seeing tasks that are truly beyond my ability…Jesus has been faithful!

So, since I don’t like to leave anything without some “action item” for people, how will you read this? Will you take a moment to be thankful as well? Will the recognition of what God is doing in you be enough to spark the question, “Abba, with whom do I need to share You?” And will it be enough to get us to cross the huge divide that is our front yards to talk to a neighbor and invite them to church? Will it be enough to get us to desire others to grow closer to our Lord and Savior? Will it drive us to want to “do” something more in our communities…to feed others…to clothe others…to visit those who are without companionship?

Does our being thankful bring out in us a desire to make a difference in our society because our God made a difference in our lives and in our families?

So I’m thankful…for a God who redeems us and gives us opportunity to serve Him by serving others!

Have a blessed weekend!