One Person’s Junk Might Be The Answer!

We continue to preach the slogan, “everyone can do something” because, well…it is true. Let me give you another example.

Recently I was made aware of a troubled youth. For reasons that I won’t go into here, he has been tagged by the school as a problem child. His weeks of school often involve ISS (In School Suspensions…please don’t get me started!) and lots of additional teacher/staff oversight/supervision. And yes, he has been involved in fights and challenges. But to someone else, they spent some time around this student and determined that while he may need to learn some anger management lessons, he also needs something to get involved in that is exciting to the youth!

I’d like to tell you that they are now taking hours each week to mentor and guide this person…but that wouldn’t be true. They aren’t. I’d like to tell you how they saved broken pottery to make superb mosaics selling on EBAY to send this child to camp…they didn’t. Here’s what they did.

They were willing to talk…that’s right, just talk. When the opportunity arose, they engaged in a bit of conversation…mostly listening. And what they heard was a person who didn’t have anything to do…but wanted something. So they did two things for this boy.

They told them about a ministry called Wyldlife at the middle school (the student’s school) and they gave them an old broken lawn mower. The student was talking about liking motors…so, keeping an eye out…they came across a junked driving lawn mower, contacted the youth (and their parents to make sure it was okay) and now student the student has a “project” but they also have a smile that went ear to ear!

Yep! Everybody can do something…what is the Holy Spirit leading you towards today!