Welcome to WonGeneration!

Discovering Gifts, Generating Passions, Meeting Needs!
I would like to take this moment to welcome you to WonGeneration! We are glad that you are stopping by and we hope that something that you see here sparks something within your heart.
This organization is seeking to do some very amazing things! Right from the beginning, WonGeneration has been led by the Spirit of God to fulfill a unique place. Many people who have grown up around a church, or around christians, have talked about “using their gifts” or taken classes on “gift assessment” or similar phrasiology. What few folks get to witness is what happens when the people who claim to be followers of Jesus actually start using their gifts. After a group of us travelled to Thailand in May of 2009, we were overwhelmed by a number of people we met who were living their lives as if following Jesus was the most important thing in their lives and they used what God had given them to the best of their ability.

Genesis House Students – Supported by WonGeneration
God would bring people into their lives to meet the needs of the day and we saw how they were truly impacting people around them! We see what happens when people use their gifts inside of the church…but what would happen if we went outside…and really loved people? Really provided food for the hungry or clothes for the naked? Actually visited the sick? Cared for the widows? Helped to heal the broken hearted?
What would that look like? It would begin to look like WonGeneration!

God wants us to relieve suffering, pursue justice, facilitate reconciliation, and free the heart to love, but he desires for us to do so in a way that reveals his character.  It is not enough to do well for others or to do things well.  We must do well in our unique way in order to reveal the vast creativity of a God who loves to bring change through the most unlikely channels.  “To Be Told,” Dr. Dan Allender.

Again, welcome, and we hope you will want to find out how you can get involved!