Welcome to the Power of 3!

We are excited you have chosen to help us as we continue to help our community, both locally and globally! Within the past year, every $1 donated to WonGeneration was turned into a minimum of $3 of goods and services. Here are some methods we used to accomplish this:

  • Helping families through difficult times
  • Sponsoring children
  • Reaching out and caring for the enslaved
  • Providing mentors to young kids
  • Teaching someone the skills needed to repair their community

It is our goal to turn your donation into a solution through a host of objectives. Over this next year, we are aiming to provide the ability for 250 families to get off of welfare, provide an alternative path for 33 women stuck in the sex trade, and providing homes for an additional 16 children. We also intend to launch new mentorship programs for children located in both the USA as well as abroad (Rwanda). With your support, we can accomplish these goals… and so much more! 

Thank you for helping us to help others!

Len Bundy


What could your $3 provide?

  • One week of food for a child
  • Three months of toiletries for a person
  • A soccer ball that unites a child and a mentor
  • A month of school supplies for a student
  • First Aid supplies
  • Food to enable a family to get off of welfare
  • Support and free a victim of the sex trade
  • Education for a “former” sex worker
  • Reading glasses for elderly people in remote villages
  • Bibles for Hill Tribe students
  • Support for ministry leaders who face an upward battle each day
  • Counseling for families that cannot afford it
  • Food and clothing for those who are homeless
  • Provide extended learning opportunities to young students
  • After school arts program for a child who cannot afford the supplies
  • Teach people with physical disabilities to do more for themselves

What Is WonGeneration?


“Everybody can do something…

What are you being called to do?”