Tommy Nylund

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Tommy is working toward his first adventure in the world of mission life. While Tommy had grown up hearing about God, he had never truly experience life transforming Grace before this past year. His growing up included a lot of challenges and situations that took a lot to break away from and Jesus has been giving him the power to overcome them! He spent the summer of 2014 working with WonGeneration in a café at the Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club in Olympia, Washington, learning the ins and outs of cooking and managing a kitchen. All the while, learning to listen to what God wants for him.


Now, Tommy is turning his sites towards spending time in mission work. Starting in Thailand, he will include some time spent learning the ins and outs of a Thai kitchen at the Zion Café.  It is our prayer and goal that the café, which is a place of employment for the women (and men) rescued out of the sex trade can be replicated into other locations. The purpose of the café is to accommodate the increasing need for these recovering individuals to earn an alternate revenue source. Tommy has a huge heart for others and will be a great support to the team!

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