WonGen Central Community Services (WGC)

 Helps working poor families regain financial stability by providing food, household goods, clothing, and adult education on an ongoing basis. This allows families to save money to pay off debt, make essential repairs and offset the consequences of the economic recession.




Target participants are not using any other subsidy or assistance programs.  We assist them, through the referral application process, to identify their current financial situation and set goals to help them move towards a more productive financial lifestyle.  Once in WonGen Central’s program, participants pay $50 per month, shop on a weekly basis, and volunteer time into the program each month, take part in mandatory free financial training courses, and receive $500 – $600 monthly in food and household products.  The money freed up by providing them goods is channeled back into their finances to help them achieve their financial goals.  Its’ 10% about the food and 90% about the people.


How It Works

We target participants whose financial situation keeps them from qualifying or participating in other assistance programs, but who are struggling each month to get by and need support to help make ends meet.  We are designed as a “hand up” approach with not only support, but goal setting and accountability.


Food & Clothing

Members shop weekly, receiving over $500 of food each month. Also available are new and used clothing items for adults and children, miscellaneous household items, including high-ticket items such as Danner Work Boots and more.


The Proven WGC Program

Uses a ‘self-help’ model in which the beneficiaries are also partners in running the organization. Warehouse rent and overhead are covered with a monthly $50 service fee paid by each family. In addition, one family member volunteers 2-4 hours each month.



WGC families state financial goals to work toward while participating in the program. Financial seminars are attended that assist in learning how to manage finances and control spending. This is provided by WGC at no additional cost.



Products are donated by local retailers, wholesalers, farms, dairies, bakeries, and restaurants.


Great Value

Each family receives food and household supplies valued at over $500 per month in exchange for their $50 monthly membership dues.


Working Alongside Existing Efforts

WGC supports local area food banks and other organizations who distribute product to those in need.



The majority of ALL administrative costs are self-supported by WGC participants.



Volunteers are the lifeblood of the effort and provide the program with hundreds of hours per year.



Adult education classes and workshops are offered throughout the year. They include budgeting, financial planning, job search, computer skills, cooking, nutrition classes, and much more.

How Can I Help?

We appreciate any assistance you can provide us as we ramp up to open our permanent space.  For more information on how you can help, please contact us at marybeth@wongencentral.org

 WonGen Central


Ministry Director
Marybeth Holmes