Heavenly Goals

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Heavenly Goals Ministries is seeking to use the playing and coaching of soccer to reach youth and communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. HGM includes an ongoing soccer development program in communities such as Uganda and Washington State in the US. The program, named “Kick It” utilizes mentor coaches who not only teach and promote soccer but also mentor youth in positive ways by living out the Gospel with them and seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus by loving kids! The program is year round and while not specifically focused solely on skill development, it has been an excellent way to improve the youth skills and includes coaching clinics as well.


In Uganda, we are seeking to raise the overall level of play and create a place that every youth will dream of coming to. HGM is developing a significant amount of acreage into a complex that will be known as Trinity Fields, a soccer camp and conference facility.  We want to take the US soccer camp experience into a country that has never seen the benefits of such a facility.


For additional information please contact Derek Stanton at: 818.518.4013
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Trinity Fields consists of twenty raw acres of scenic beauty nestled between Entebbe and Kampala Uganda, near stunning Lake Victoria. Ten acres will be used to develop a first class soccer and sports fields with the remaining acreage to be used as follows:



  • Dormitories (capacity for 100)
  • Chapel & School
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Accomodations for staff & visitors
  • Multi-use sports fields
  • Equipment and storage facilities


  • Water/Well
  • Irrigation
  • Utility service
  • AIDS treatment center
  • Children’s home/shelter




Building Community


We realize that being a good neighbor means supporting the community. Reaching beyond the gospel, we will be introducing sustainable farming and gardening to include: coffee, mango, avacado, pineapple, and sweet potatoes. Chickens and other small animals will be raised to help supplement food requirements for the camp and village. AIDS is prevelant—our medical clinic will treat and educate local citizens.


Trinity Fields Brochure – PDF





How Can You Help Trinity Fields?


It will take 600 people to donate $500 each to help us raise $300,000.00.
Will you help change the life of these children by making a donation today?

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