Common Thread

The idea behind Common Thread began eleven years ago with a mission trip to Canada to which God opened our eyes to the needs of the Native American culture. We knew that we could help meet these needs as it was a life changing experience that opened the door to multiple directions and further ministries.

As we began to collect items such as clothing, bedding, personal items, etc., God provided a warehouse to expand into. We have been able to have many items on hand to give out as needs arise. We now are able to load up and travel to most anywhere that has a need. Our travel includes: South Dakota, Oregon, Eastern Washington, and coastal villages of the Pacific Northwest. We have sent packages to Saskatchewan, Russia, Mexico, Thailand, Central America and Iraq. Locally (Washington State), we are able to help those affected by disasters, homelessness, poverty and more. 

Since Common Thread has come under the WonGeneration umbrella, we have expanded to more areas. Many churches and organizations receive product from Common Thread allowing them to  reach out to others. This has enabled many others to hear of the opportunity to serve; to get involved, and to see God at work.

We feel that by providing for people’s physical needs, we earn the right to speak and to share the Gospel of Christ into their lives. The connections to these communities has allowed these relationships to blossom and has led to changed lives.


How Can I Help?

Our needs are:

-Used clothing in good condition
-School supplies

If you are interested in donating, please contact Lynette at