Everyone Can Do Something!

I have been a bit remiss this week…I have not been writing as I wish I could be…it is not because of a lack of ideas in fact it seems that of late my mind is racing even more with new ideas for ministry, new ways of accomplishing tasks in community, mentally digesting new ideas on mission work…the list goes on. I think this week has been a week of germination.

There are so many things racing around my mind but I think the one thought which is jumping to the top of the list is a reminder that ‘everyone can do something.’ And that makes me all the more determined to get that word out there in community.

This week I have talked with people who want to take on some really big ideas…youth shelters, new schools, major missions…but I have also spoken with those who will be going to read to Alzheimer patients this week, and those who are willing to go to a park and start a soccer game amongst a group of kids, or willing to pay $10 towards a children’s home so the kids have a safe place to live. In themselves, none of these things are ‘earth shattering’ or going to mean a major shift in anything which would make the six o’clock news. However, it is often in the little things that great things are accomplished.

For the patients who will hear a children’s story…their life will be enriched in that moment! For those kids who get to kick a ball around and hear an adult saying “Way to go! Nice pass!” their hearts will be built up! And for that $10, the whole children’s home eats today…God will have provided another ‘daily bread’ for this family.

So in the coming weeks, I’ll be writing about ways to help in the big things (Lord knows we have a few in need of your help!) but it is enough today to be reminded, everyone can do something! If you aren’t sure what it is…write to me or call me or message me…I’ll help. For the rest…go do something for the Kingdom!