Because of the Pile!

It is the day before the day before Christmas…I know there are easier ways to say that but I like how it rolls off the tongue…almost poetic. As I type, I looking at the pile of things on my desk…and beyond that, the pile of things that I need to wrap. And to be honest…my ‘to do list’ today makes me feel blessed!

I recognize that having things filling my desk means that God is giving me things to do! He is pushing me to be more organized and to get better…He has brought people in around me to encourage that process. I have said before how thankful I am for my board of directors for WonGeneration. I am reminded of that again as I look at things involving them in my stack! I am so excited for all that God is doing…

Alongside of the list is a small stack of checks to be deposited. No it isn’t all that I would like to be depositing but it reminds me that God is providing no the less. He is keeping me in prayer, He is keeping me asking and telling others of our needs and there must be a reason for that too.

The presents to wrap also remind me that He is still providing for my family. He is at work allowing me to shift from being the main financial provider to step into the role within WonGeneration of providing for others strategic and spiritual needs and yet He is still finding ways to provide for my family.

And the mess on the desk…well part of it…is reminding me of projects that have arisen to help those ministries…that is exciting as we hear stories of people’s lives being altered for the good, others accepting Christ, and others who are experiencing healing within their hearts and within their families.

So today I find myself with a thankful heart. Life is not perfect, there are challenges still…with people, with finance, with time…but God is in all of it. He has not left us alone but is at work within and around us. So at this day before the day before Christmas…Peach and Joy and Love are being remembered.