Christi’s Great Outdoor Race


Christi’s Great Outdoor Race is a fundraiser for women battling cancer in the Mt. Rainier Foothills/Plateau area. Teams of racers traverse mountains, rivers, and forests in order to push themselves beyond their limits. Teams work together as a whole to overcome a wide array of challenges that they encounter, ranging from: navigational challenges, physical challenges, and emotional challenges.  Fully realizing that our contributions won’t stop cancer, it is our desire to enter into the battle alongside these women, who persevere in the face of uncertain circumstances.

The Race is held each year in honor of Christi Hill. Christi’s battle cry was “Never Give Up”. In her darkest moment, it was the sacrifice of her sons and friends competing in the first ever Great Outdoor Race that gave her the resolve to reaffirm her battle cry and keep fighting. After she passed away from kidney cancer, her family decided to honor her battle cry and continue the Race. Christi embodied the spirit of love and adventure, and this event reflects her passion to kick cancer in the butt. Our goal each year is to help one more woman plant her flag in the sand, take up the battle cry, and “Never Give Up!”


Two Donation Methods:
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WonGeneration is a 501(c)(3) organization

Race Participant Registration

Each Race Participant must fill out an online registration form and pay a $20 registration fee before they are eligible to participate in the race. Click on the button below to fill out the Registration Form: 

Note: This fee is used to help support the operational costs of the race.

Team Application

Interested in leading a team?

If you are interested in leading a team in the 2017 Christi’s Great Outdoor Race, we ask that you click on the button below to fill out a Team Application: 

Note: Each team only needs to fill out this application once.

2017 Race Information

WHEN: Saturday, August 5th, 2017.
46°51’10.2″N 121°00’46.0″W

2017 Beneficiary: Susan Burke

This year, Christi’s Great Outdoor Race has the privilege of sponsoring Susan Burke who recently moved to the area to seek quality care for stage 3 breast cancer from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Susan Burke had hit a low point in life long before she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She describes her 4 years in prison simply as, “the pit.” Although she isn’t fond of the cancer and subsequent changes to her body, she’s grateful for the community of support she has found because of it. Neither prison nor cancer will be allowed to define this joy-filled optimist, however. Susan is determined to find the silver lining in every storm cloud and enjoy each day as a precious gift with the people she loves. To Susan, a bad day is not allowed. Even on hard days, the people cheering her on, including family and friends, inspire her to keep fighting with joy and gratitude.

Susan Burke


  • Alan Strutz
  • Jake Hill
  • Emily McCoy
  • Erika Binder
  • Meagan Ratburn
  • Matt Moser
  • Ryan Kerby
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