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Welcome to WonGeneration

Facilitating others in their desire to serve.


WonGeneration is a not-for-profit organization with a vision that spans the globe; aiming to discover gifts, generate passion, and meet the needs of individuals and their missions. Our unique vision supports ministries around the world, each with diverse goals and objectives.


We exist to help people discover their passions and transform those passions into plans. Our support services provide non-profit status, consultation, marketing and structures for success.





WonGeneration and the Church

Empowering the Church.


We work with local churches to empower them in their efforts to live out the great commission and to raise up disciples around the world. Check out the video below, one small way in which we have worked with a local church.




2016 Highlights




Families served 

Meals served to under privileged children

Women rescued from the sex trade 

Hours of free counseling 






Our Process


When discussing what WonGeneration does, we often ask the question, “If you could do one thing in your community (local or global) to make a positive impact or change, what would you do?”.


Is there a ministry or organization already doing what was described in the answer to the previous question, and if so, can we help you get connected?  We are not looking to reinvent the wheel but rather support the Kingdom. If a solid organization is meeting the needs you are looking to fulfill, it may make sense to align yourself with them or join their group. If not, then perhaps it is time to start a new ministry (under WonGeneration).


Coming out of the ‘Connection’ phase is a realization of a vision. As each vision is unique to the individual person and ministry, the ‘next steps’ will look a little different for each ministry. These steps allow time to see if there is a “fit” between WonGeneration and the potential new ministry. We ask that both entities spend some time in prayer. We want the ministry leaders to know that what God has placed on their heart is important and that they don’t have to have all of the answers. They have to be willing to work in the direction that God leads. In addition, this phase also determines what role and participation (if any) WonGeneration will take in the new ministry. This level varies depending on the discretion of the ministry leader(s). WonGeneration’s involvement is determined by the desire of the ministry. It is not the role or goal of WonGeneration to manage or micromanage a ministry. But rather, come alongside the ministry.


We ask the ministry leader(s) to write to WonGeneration with more information regarding the goals, objectives, methods, and history of the ministry. To make sure the new ministry is in keeping with the direction of WonGeneration, the information goes to the WonGeneration Board of Directors, who analyze and discuss the ministry in great detail. They may ask for the ministry leader to attend a meeting with the Board so there can be some additional discussion before a vote is made by the Board to integrate the new ministry with WonGeneration.


We want to be an encouragement to this new ministry by being a part of the team as needed. Whether it is helping with ideas, strategy, materials development, website development, business cards, logos, fundraising ideas, or developing the “story” of the ministry. We want to help overcome any challenges these ministries may face. Ministries have further encouragement knowing that there is a family (or network) of ministries with locations on multiple continents that are praying for them and ready to help/support them as situations arise.




How Can I Help?



  • Donate

    One of the easiest ways to help is by financially donating to WonGeneration. We set out to see that every dollar is maximized to its full potential. All donations are tax deductible.

  • Volunteer

    Whether it is with an internal ministry or through an external partner, we are constantly encountering volunteer opportunities.

  • Gifts-In-Kind

    WonGeneration is always on the constant lookout for Gifts-In-Kind. Ranging from chairs to clothing and from food to cars.




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The battle is real but perhaps we need to understand the opportunities we have in learning to battle side by side.

What does this mean?

At times, within Christian circles, we come to places in which good people have major differences of opinion. Now when we say “good” we are recognizing they are still broken people with their own issues, problems, traits, and flaws. However, we recognize these are people who are redeemed by God and being reformed in the image of Jesus…but God is not finished with them yet.

Conflict will come even in the midst of trying to unify. Why? In some ways it can be said because there is an enemy seeking to keep us from unifying but in other ways it can be because not all of our ideas are good ones! We don’t have the knowledge of God or the patience, or the Grace. So an idea is tossed out for a group to discuss and immediately, our thoughts and feelings kick in to evaluate…based on our own filters, bias, experience, etc. The problem, at least from this perspective, is we lose our ability to sharpen each other because we pass on the "confrontation in love" because of fear to confront. We chose to pick apart an argument o (perhaps in our head only rather than listen to it first. We fail to recognize common ground and goals and instead want to point out how someone else is “wrong” or worse. And sometimes, perhaps often, in the midst of someone questioning (in kindness) our belief/thought/idea, we could find a deeper change within ourselves. We can in fact “grow” as both an individual and as a group.

It has long been said, “you never know if you have a friend until you have had your first good argument!”

May we love each other well.

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With a bit of time to rest, restore, and reflect, now feels the time to share a bit of the Equipped Men’s Conference 2018.

First and foremost it was an honor for WonGeneration to be a part of this event. A coming together of this many churches and their men’s ministry leaders has not happened on the Plateau as far as anyone can remember. The origin of getting the event moving started from one individual who felt God calling them to get this started…and they listened and acted on the prompting of the Holy Spirit! What a great beginning!

The conference was well attended, 190 men present and to my knowledge, there were nothing but positive comments…worship (team made up at least 5 different churches) absolutely rocked the place! As men began to worship together it brought back to me the feeling of seeing 55,000 men worship at a PK event. It was enough to bring tears to my eyes. There were generational connections, in one case, three generations of men from the same family. And the speakers, every single one, did a fantastic job…in fact it would have been great to have had them all on the main stage!

One of the goals of this conference, from the very inception, was to create a recognition on the Plateau between all believing men, that we are one family…the Church (capital C) and to be able to encourage one another in our walks of faith, in our relationships with others, and especially for us all to know we are not alone but there other men who are willing to walk alongside of us as we choose to follow after Jesus. We met others who are willing to stand in the gap with us as we pursue holiness, as we work to overcome our issues, our challenges, and we seek to love better. I am proud to say I believe this path has begun in a number of ways through the planning and implementation of this conference. It is happening within the leadership and it is happening among the attendees.

All in all, Saturday was a blessed day! And if anyone has stories to add, we would love to hear them especially as we begin to pray about next year’s conference. Blessings to you all!

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I was blessed to have breakfast this morning with our speakers for the Equipped Men’s Conference 2018 and I am extremely excited for this event! I believe these gentlemen will bring some great truths and demonstrate the heart of God in process of sharing! If you have not signed up, there is still room and there is still time! This will be a great day! ...

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